For most couples, pregnancy is an exciting time of their lives, however to most women; it is also a time of great uncertainty.  From young children and teenagers, we are taught that childbirth is something to be feared, and when we are lucky enough to find ourselves pregnant, these fears are only strengthened by the ‘horror’ stories of our mothers, friends, or over-sharing neighbours.  Occasionally a unique tale leaks through…one of strength and beauty and an experience never to be forgotten.  However often these stories are too infrequent, or brushed off as ‘lucky people’ or ‘hippies’.

The Calmbirth ® program was developed by Australian Midwife Peter Jackson, and is designed to assist couples to create a calm, joyful and even ecstatic birth experience.  It has the potential to dismantle the fear, stress and anxiety experienced by many women during pregnancy and childbirth.

The classes educate women on the normal birthing process, which helps them put their trust into the natural physiology of their body.  The program is also designed to teach women how to use their own inner resources, including breathing and relaxation, as ways to cope with the intense and powerful experience that is birth.

Calmbirth® is aimed at giving couples the skills and knowledge to make their birthing process as pleasurable as possible.  It teaches the mother to remain relaxed and focused during her labour, to make informed choices, if and when necessary and to be in tune with the natural energy and rhythm of her baby’s birth.

Calmbirth® helps women and their partners understand and address their fears and uses breathing, visualisation, mindfocusing techniques, massage and touch to relax the body and mind in preparation for birth and parenting. Partners move from being observers of the experience to having a clear role in supporting, encouraging and assisting their partner in labour. When practised regularly, the skills that women and their partners acquire during the Calmbirth® course continue to support them during times of stress throughout their lives.

Birth is not something to be endured, it is something to be experienced!

Calmbirth®  is right for you if you are:

  • A first time mum
  • Have had a baby before
  • Have had a caesarian before but are trying for a normal birth
  • Having a planned caesarian
  • Having a homebirth
  • Booked at a private hospital with an obstetrician
  • Planning a waterbirth

Calmbirth® classes aim to help pregnant couples attending the classes eliminate the fear, experienced by many, in relation to their approaching labour and birth. The knowledge and skills the program teaches prepares the mother to remain relaxed and focused during her labour & birth, to make informed choices, if and when necessary and to be in tune with the natural energy and rhythm of her baby’s birth. If, for some reason intervention is needed couples can use the skills learnt in the Calmbirth® classes to meet any challenge they encounter calmly and without fear. As such the classes are of benefit to any woman who wants to feel in control and empowered during their birth, regardless of the setting, care providers or level of medical intervention required. Women and their partners often report finding the skills they learn during the course helpful even after the birth of the baby.

Classes are ideally attended around 24-34 weeks gestation for maximum practice opportunity and comfort whilst attending the class.